Precycled FAQ

Welcome to the Precycled Frequently Asked Questions page!

This page gives the most up-to-date answers to all frequently asked questions, such as:

  • General information
  • Ordering of the Precycled bike
  • Bike-related questions
  • Online order pick-ups
  • Test rides
  • Aftersale services

For more general information regarding services provided by Vapaus, please take a look at our official Vapaus FAQ page.

In urgent matters, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at: or via online form.

General information:

What do I need to do in order to get a benefit/Precycled bike?

  1. Make sure your employer has an active Vapaus Bike Benefit service
  2. Then you, as an employee, need to complete a couple of mandatory steps for getting a benefit bike (creating a profile in Vapaus App and generally being eligible to get a bike according to your employer's Bike Benefit Guidelines/instructions)

More relevant information about the bike benefit in a general form can be found here.

What does my employer need to do in order for me to get a benefit/Precycled bike?

If your employer already has a contract with Vapaus the easiest way to get started is to head to our launch page! Our launch page shows detailed information about the process.

If your employee does not yet offer the Vapaus Benefit Bike, you can share the information with your HR and promote the benefit!

How to check if my company provides a Vapaus Benefit Bike and is a customer of Vapaus?

If your employer is not yet offering the Vapaus Bike Benefit:

  • You can let your HR representative know you are interested in the benefit
  • Fill out the form on our website

We will contact your employer with an offer as soon as possible!

Can I get a benefit/Precycled bike even if I live very close to work and don’t need to commute by bike daily?

Yes, you can, but first, you need to make sure that your employer has a contract with Vapaus. You can use your benefit bike whenever you want and you are not obligated to use it only for work commuting.

I don’t have a benefit bike offered by my employer, can I still get a bike from Vapaus?

Yes, you can buy any Precycled and Outlet bike as a direct purchase (new bikes excluded). Please note, that buying directly from Vapaus means your bike is not a benefit bike, it is yours as if you bought it from the store.

You can also share the following information with your HR to get the Vapaus Bike Benefit.


The price of the bike is X€ and the leasing period is X months, why the sum at the end is different?

Benefit bike leasing contract is done with Vapaus and the tax value is deducted from your salary every month. In addition to the price of the bike and possible accessories, the taxable value includes:

  1. Financing and insurance costs
  2. An optional maintenance budget
  3. Vapaus' profit

This has an impact on the length of the leasing period. Since employers have different service packages, it is difficult to estimate the impact of these costs on the length of the leasing period in advance. You get to see these details before signing the contract with Vapaus.

Which accessories can I get with the bike in order to benefit from the tax deductions?

Here is a list of accessories included/accepted for the tax deductions:

  • Helmet
  • Winter tires (studded tires)
  • Lights
  • Mudguards/fenders
  • Rack (front or back)
  • Bike stand (kickstand)
  • Lock
  • Bell
  • Pedals

Which accessories I can't get with the bike (not accepted in the tax deductions)?

Here is a list of accessories not included/accepted in the tax deductions:

  • Bags (backpacks, rack bags, bike packing bags)
  • Cycling clothes/kits (shoes, gloves, glasses)
  • Bottle cages and bottles
  • Tire pumps, suspension pumps
  • Instruments, tools to fix a bike
  • Various bicycle maintenance supplies (oils, detergents, extra components)
  • Additional accessories, like inner tubes or tubeless sealant
  • Additional wheelset
  • An additional set of pedals
  • An additional set of tires (excluding winter tires)
  • Additional saddle, stem, or handlebar
  • Any type of trailer/seat for a child, adapter for a trailer
  • Bike computer
  • Power meter
  • Separate eBike battery charging adapter (if not included with the original charger)

What is a maintenance budget and is it obligatory?

You can choose to include a maintenance budget in the taxable value of your Precycled bike package, which means you can service your bike at the same cost-effective rate as you acquire your bike and potential accessories. 

Please note that the maintenance budget is not mandatory.

Because the maintenance budget is a part of the tax-free benefit value, you don’t pay for it separately, however, this means the benefit bike package with a maintenance budget will have a longer lease period or a higher taxable value than the same bike without a maintenance budget. 

If you exceed your budget, the difference will be billed to you either at the end of the lease period or annually by your choice. An unused budget is not returned as it is a part of the benefit bike contract, so make sure to use it before the end of the lease.

The budget can be used to service or repair the bike and for replacement components originally included with the bike. It cannot be used to buy new accessories, such as winter tires, or to upgrade a groupset.

What is cancellation coverage and is it obligatory?

Cancellation coverage increases flexibility and protects you from having to redeem your bike if you have to cancel your lease mid-term (the price is 80€).

IF YOUR EMPLOYER PROVIDES CANCELLATION COVERAGE: You can cancel your contract at any point during the lease, returning the bike to Vapaus (note that return costs might be applicable based on your request).

Please note that the cancellation coverage is not mandatory (if it is not a part of the package offered by your employer).

The price for returning the bike with the cancellation coverage is stated in your company's Bike Benefit Guidelines/instructions.

Can I add a maintenance budget/cancellation coverage after I have placed my online order?

Yes, we can add any or both of the services to your online order after you have placed it.

Please note that exclusions may apply due to the variety of the contracts made between Vapaus and the employer.

I would like to add extra accessories to my Precycled online order, how can I do it?

If you have already placed your online order with us and want to add extra accessories, please contact us at or via the online form.

If you haven't placed an online order yet and want to add extra accessories, you can do it yourself in our online store. Please note, that you need to place your benefit bike and accessories as one online order.

If you want to add a rack, fenders, or studded tires, please contact us at or via the online form. We will confirm the availability and inform you regarding pricing and available options.

Which accessories can I add to my Precycled online order?

You can add all the accessories available in our online store. Please note, that some accessories cannot be added as a part of the benefit package. We will bill you for them separately.

If you want to add a rack, fenders, or studded tires, please contact us at or via the online form. We will confirm the availability and inform you regarding pricing and available options.

Can I track my Precycled order?

At the moment we do not offer tracking options for online orders.

Our delivery partner A2B usually calls before the delivery (in advance), so you can propose a suitable time if need be.

Here is the contact information for A2B:

Phone: 09 720 65 100



What does Precycled mean?

Precycled means that the bike was originally purchased/leased out as a new one and returned back to us after some time.

Here is more information about Precycled.

Are the bikes serviced mechanically before being listed for sale?

Yes, all the bicycles after being returned to our Bike Center at Hattutehdas are serviced so that they meet the Precycled criteria and can be listed for sale.

More about criteria rating can be found here.

Does a Precycled bike have a warranty?

Yes, all the Precycled bikes (excluding the Outlet selection) come with a 12-month warranty from Vapaus.

Does a new bike have a warranty offered by a manufacturer?

Yes, all new bikes such as Active & Cannondale which are sold on our Precycled website have an official warranty issued by the manufacturer.

Does an Outlet bike have a warranty?

No, Outlet bikes do not have a 12-month warranty offered by us. Outlet bikes are our direct-purchase bikes only.

What is the condition rating of the Precycled bikes?

We rate Precycled bikes based on their condition on a four-step scale:

  • Like new
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Satisfactory

All our Precycled bikes are used, and even the bike in the best condition possible is no longer new.

After arriving to us, bikes have been checked by our mechanics to be functional, matching the condition criteria, and safe to be purchased/leased out again.

More about the condition rating can be found here.

How do I know which accessories a Precycled bike has/comes with?

All the accessories coming with the Precycled bike are either visible on the pictures or/and listed separately under the "Product features-Accessories included" section.

Is buying a Precycled bike cheaper than a new bike in-store?

Yes, all the Precycled bikes are priced lower than the new bikes in-store, plus choosing Precycled is better for the environment.

I don’t know which Precycled bike/size to choose, can I come and try some of them?

Absolutely, we are offering a Test ride possibility to all bikes available in our webshop. You can book a test ride with us via the online form and come to try up to 2 bikes.

Online order pick-ups:

When can I pick-up my online order?

All the pick-up times & dates are agreed upon individually with the customers. Please, agree with us in advance before coming to pick up your online order/benefit bike.

Our Bike Center opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 10:00 to 16:00

I have selected a home delivery for my online order, can I come and pick up my bike instead?

Yes, you can. Please inform us in advance regarding the change in the shipping method, so we can make all the necessary adjustments.

Do I need to have an ID while coming to pick up a bike?

Yes, you need to have an ID with a photo to present, in order for us to release the bike. The ID should match the name in the contract/order, or the name of the person collecting the bike instead of you. 

Can someone else pick-up my benefit bike/online order?

Yes, you can ask your partner/relative/friend/colleague to pick up your bike, yet you need to inform us in advance with the relevant information, such as the person’s name and phone number, in case we need to contact them. 

When picking up the bike, you always have to present a valid ID with a photo. 

Test rides:

Do I need to have an ID while coming to test ride a bike?

Yes, you need to have an ID with you in order for us to give a bike for you for a test ride.

If I like the bike I have test ridden, can I get it immediately?

In most cases, an immediate pick-up after a test ride is not possible. Due to the contract making and mechanical preparations all the bikes can be released at least 1-2 days after a test ride (when the contract details are in order).

Can I reserve a bike after a test ride?

Yes, you can reserve a bike for a maximum of 5 calendar days in order to decide if you want to get it as a benefit bike order or not.


Can I return my Benefit/Precycled bike?

Yes, you can return your newly ordered Precycled bike. 

In the case of benefit bike leasing, this right of return is 3 (three) days. Please note that you are responsible for the return fees applicable to your request.

In case of direct purchase, the Customer has a 14-day right of return under the Consumer Protection Act in cases of distance selling (applicable to webshop orders).

Is my Benefit/Precycled bike insured?

Yes, every Vapaus benefit bike is fully insured without extra cost. The insurance covers theft, vandalism, and accidents. It also applies if a family member is using the bike at the time of the damage.

There are no geographical restrictions to the insurance, so you can bring your bike on vacation carefree!

You can use any lock of your choice and you will be provided a loaner bike if replacing or repairing your bike takes more than three weeks.

The insurance deductible sum depends on the contract your company is having with Vapaus. Vapaus handles all compensation applications on your behalf in case of an incident, all you have to do is file a police report if necessary.

When my benefit bike contract is activated?

Your benefit bike contract is activated only after your bike is delivered to you.

If you are picking up your benefit bike yourself from our Bike Center, then the contract is activated after you leave our premises with the bike.

Can I add a maintenance budget/cancellation coverage after my contract has been activated?

No, unfortunately, we cannot add any additional services to your already activated benefit bike contract.

My Precycled bike got broken, what should I do?

Please submit your reclamation request via our online form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

My Precycled bike is stolen, what should I do?

First and foremost, please fill out the online police report form. Find more information here.

Can I bring my Benefit/Precycled bike to be fixed at the Bike Center/Hattutehdas?

At the moment we are not offering repair services for the benefit/Precycled bikes at our Bike Center.

Please see the list of our partner stores, where you can fix your benefit/Precycled bike.