What are Precycled bikes?

The story behind Precycled started in 2021, when Vapaus decided to give new life to returned used benefit bikes. Vapaus wants to stand behind its values to continue making the world a little better place by extending the lifespan of bikes. Bikes are close to our hearts and we want to take good care of returned bikes before listing them as Precycled bikes. All bikes go through maintenance checkups and worn parts are replaced ensuring a smooth ride for the next user. All Precycled bikes come with 12-month warranty regardless of their age. Read more about the warranty in our terms of service

Conditions of our Precycled bikes variate and we wanted to make this more visible by implementing conditional rating. You can read more about the rating here.

If you are interested in hearing more, you might want to read this blog article "Precycled bikes - Could used bike be the most reasonable choice?"