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"How the price is calculated?"

Benefit bike leasing contract is done with Vapaus and the tax value is deducted from your salary every month. In addition to the price of the bike and possible accessories, the taxable value includes:

  • financing and insurance costs
  • an optional maintenance budget
  • and the Vapaus' profit

This has an impact on the length of the leasing period. Since employers have different service packages, it is difficult to estimate the impact of these costs on the length of the leasing period in advance. You get to see these details before signing the contract with Vapaus.

Työsuhdepyörä: 100 € / kk Benefit Bike: 100 € / month
Kokonaishinta: Total price:

If you like it - buy it!

You can buy any Precycled and Outlet bike as a direct purchase (new bikes excluded). Please note, that buying directly from Vapaus means your bike is not a benefit bike, it is yours as if you bought it from the store.

You can also share the following information with your HR to get the Vapaus Bike Benefit.

Are you someone who likes to ride in style and comfort? This Trek FX+ 2 is a perfect bike for city commuting, going on an adventure out of town, and carrying all the necessities with you. You can sprint all the uphills and accelerate easily with a built-in motor. 

Note: Marks on the bike.

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Product features

Basic info

Brand: Trek

Model: FX+ 2

Manufacturer size suggestion:

  • S: 155-165 cm

Bike type: City bike

Power source: Electric

Model year: 2023

Condition: Excellent

Kilometers ridden:

Accessories included: Lock, pedals


Shifting: 1x9

Tire size: 700x40c


  • Disc brake

Electric drive

Electrical system: Hyena

Battery capacity (Wh): 250

Kilometers ridden:

You are making a good move!

  • Sustainable

    Longer lifespan for bikes means less waste and materials used.

  • save money

    Precycled bikes are priced attractively and typically cheaper than new bikes on the market.

  • Safe choice

    All Precycled bikes have been carefully checked and maintained by our mechanics.

  • Directly from stock

    Typically bikes can be delivered in 1-5 days.

additional information

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